Meta Offers Automotive Model Ads Using Promotional Financial Information Along with Trim Level Details

by | Jul 11, 2023

About AMA 

Meta first offered AIA, then AOA, and now there is AMA. Automotive Model Ads are a level up from the bread-and-butter of automotive advertising – Automotive Inventory Ads. These Facebook ads work similarly to AIA by using machine learning to ensure the ad information is both personalized and relevant to the consumer on the receiving end. Ads can now display vehicle colors, Trim level details, and financial information.

In addition to showing the consumer a vehicle for which they’re in-market, these ads go a step further by promoting relevant financial offers from auto dealers at the right place and the right time to consumers. With the endless options of cars for sale, and the fact that consumers are exposed to 4,000 ads/day, this personalization and relevance is not only difficult, but it is critical for auto dealers.

Facebook’s Automotive Model Ads use a new catalog type that features both vehicle models and offers. Ad content consists of information about the offers, corresponding vehicles, and markets/regions where the offer is valid. They work the same way as AIA, but each individual product represents a unique vehicle offer you want to promote in your campaign. 

Meta’s algorithm works to ensure the most relevant combination of both the vehicle and the offer is placed in front of the correct consumer. This allows us as advertisers to personalize Facebook ads for auto dealers at a much larger scale without the need to create individual ads for each offer, product, or combination of the two. 

Meta has already rolled out these vehicle offer catalogs and Dealer OMG is currently in the testing phase. The best way for auto dealers to ensure they’re eligible to run these ads is by including applicable finance incentives on VDPs or sharing that data with feed providers who can output to other vendor platforms. Without the ability to tie offers to specific VINs, the ad program will not work. 


About Dealer OMG

Dealer OMG is an automotive digital marketing firm focused on helping dealers measurably grow sales, service, and trades. Founded by former Facebook employees and automotive executives, Dealer OMG pioneered the VINAmp platform to refine target audiences, making ads more relevant to shoppers. Through white-glove dealer-specific creative and VINAmp platform, Dealer OMG’s dealership clients are able to be the dealership continually in the shopper’s feeds.

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