Andrew Street

Andrew Street

Keith Turner

Keith Turner

Our Values

  • Give a $hit.  
  • Demand more of ourselves than our clients do.
  • Build for mobile, build for people.
  • Challenge everything.
  • Make yourself and your clients better than yesterday.
  • Be obsessed with serving others. 

Meet the Company

Dealer OMG is an automotive digital marketing firm focused on helping dealers grow sales and services through Facebook and Instagram. Founded by former Facebook employees, Dealer OMG has been awarded the distinction of being a Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner and helps to establish the benchmarks and case studies for automotive.

Through dealer-specific creative, customized technology, experienced in-house team of former dealership marketing directors, and integrations with all dealer websites and CRM, Dealer OMG's dealer clients advertising performs at 4x the effectiveness of the industry average.

Meet our Team

Our Pit Crew is Here to Keep Your Metal Moving

Lindsay Shearon

Lindsay Shearon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's in Economics. As our Dealer Consultant, Lindsay helps dealers across the country gain a deeper understanding of social media advertising and the attributable results it can provide their business.

Lauren Walls covers a wide spectrum of marketing expertise from being a social media brand ambassador for numerous organizations to freelance marketing for her own clientele as CEO of Walls Digital Marketing.

Caroline Murray graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor's in Advertising.

Christina Fajardo

Christina Fajardo graduated from New Mexico State University graduate with a Bachelor's in Hospitality Management and Texas State University with a concentration in Design & Visual Communications. 

Lia Camp

Lia Camp graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor's in Strategic Communication.  

Our Performance Managers specialize in developing effective strategies to reach each dealer's target audience and provide insightful reporting for every dealership.

Dealer OMG History

Dealer OMG Story

Andrew and Keith met working at Facebook in Austin, Texas. It was immediately clear that Facebook was sitting on a fast-growing gold mine of marketing data and the writing was on the wall that this was the future of how people are going to discover where to buy products. They took their front-row education of the beginnings of Facebook marketing and helped dozens of ecommerce brands market their products through Facebook advertising, build their online presence, grow their following, engage with those people, and ultimately convert them into customers. Leveraging the same tools that worked for ecommerce, a dealership saw quick return, and Dealer OMG was born. 

Dealer OMG exists to serve dealerships – Independents, franchise players, buy here pay here, recreational and powersports stores.


How to Contact Us 

8830 Business Park Dr. Suite 100 Austin, TX 78759

Phone: (512) 436-9677 

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