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We Help Dealers Grow Sales & Services marketing

We are an automotive marketing firm focused on helping dealers grow sales and services through our Omni Channel. Through dealer-specific creative, customized technology and our experienced in-house team of former dealership marketing directors, former Facebook employees and executive level management, we are able to deliver high quality traffic at the right time to all dealer websites. Our traffic has 4x the effectiveness of the industry average and we are the #1 source of returning traffic for all dealers using us. automotive marketing


automotive marketing


We pride ourselves on being omni-channel and multi-platform. That means that we do everything digital advertising, and we do it across phones, tablets, and desktop.

Custom Creative

Your ads will communicate to prospective customers why your dealership is the best one to purchase from through our custom graphics and video creative.

Lead Generation

Generate leads for your business that automatically feed into your native CRM platform. We work with you to generate the maximum number of leads at the lowest possible cost.

Monthly Reporting

Track sales results and ROI through the use of our custom monthly reporting platform. See how your Facebook & Instagram ads perform, as well as return on ad spend through our Customer Match-Back Reports. 

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Our Story marketing

We Got Started Because We Want to Serve Dealerships

automotive marketing

automotive marketing

automotive marketing

automotive marketing

automotive marketing

VIN Logic has officially merged with Dealer OMG and has aligned its tech under the Dealer OMG brand. This groundbreaking merger unlocks dealer inventory insights, customer data, and real-time market intelligence for Dealer OMG clients while expanding the execution and design team for VIN Logic customers. Through white-glove dealer-specific creative combined with VIN Logic tech, Dealer OMG’s dealership customers are able to stand out from the competition while selling new cars for under $200 in advertising. automotive marketing automotive marketing

Our founders formed something special and now leverage the same tools that worked for ecommerce, as dealerships saw immediate return, and soon Dealer OMG was born. automotive marketing

Dealer OMG exists to serve dealerships – Independents, franchise players, buy here pay here, recreational and powersports stores. automotive marketing


Meet The Team


CEO & Founder

Andrew Street Headshot

Andrew Street

Andrew Street is an automotive advertising technologist who worked for Facebook, helping to develop their local business advertising platform. Awarded the status of Dealer Profitability Summit Partner, Preferred Marketing Partner, Marketplace Partner, Top 10 Auto Marketing Firm, and is a trusted resource to beta test and review new ad products on Facebook’s platforms.

COO & Founder

Keith Turner Headshot

Keith Turner

Chief Strategy Officer

Keith Schuyler Headshot

Keith Schuyler

Keith Schuyler brings nearly 30 years of expertise in traditional branding and advertising. His background and experience inside the dealership as well as his understanding of the digital ad space has allowed him to help 1,000s of dealers to make better advertising decisions.

Chief Revenue Officer

Derrick Wood Headshot

Derrick Wood

With over 28 years of experience, Derrick Wood finds great satisfaction in helping dealers implement the right strategies to provide the greatest growth in sales and service. Leveraging his experience in both sales and marketing is key to aligning and building strategic partnerships that assist both the dealer and our company.

Company Support

Director of Business Development

Dave Lemmon

Dave Lemmon

Dave Lemmon has worked for close to a decade in automotive digital marketing. Prior to joining the team at OMG, he created Revolve Digital as a full service marketing agency strictly for independent dealers, which has provided him keen insight into the needs and goals of dealers from inside the store. His time at OMG is focused on building meaningful partnerships with our dealers, exploring deep and funneled marketing strategies and implementing the most effective campaigns in social advertising.

VP of Platform Management

Dean Villegas Headshot

Dean Villegas

Dean Villegas, a 23 year veteran in the automotive digital marketing space, brings a vast amount of experience that includes industry events, product design, platform development, project management, product support, and training. Dean was a major contributor to companies that won awards for retention, rapid growth, revenue generation, and acquisitions.

Senior Account Executive

Chris Vanek

Dealer Consultant

Lindsay Shearon Headshot

Lindsay Shearon

Lindsay Shearon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s in Economics. She helps dealers across the country gain a deeper understanding of social media advertising and the attributable results it can provide their business.

Performance Managers

Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Advertising and Mass Communication. She specializes in video creative, bringing years of experience as a producer’s assistant and social strategist in Austin.

Jaime Kevles

Jaime Kevles

Jaime Kevles graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Marketing. She brings a strong auto marketing background, from the combination of her membership in the American Marketing Association to her experience in marketing with the Piazza Auto Group. 

Jasmine Goodsaid

Jasmine Goodsaid Headshot

Jasmine Goodsaid

Jasmine Goodsaid graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a B.B.A. in Marketing. She’s worked exclusively in the digital marketing industry and brings years of experience in Facebook advertising.

Jensen McNabb

Jensen McNabb

Jensen McNabb graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. degree in Marketing and Advertising. He has a deep understanding and passion for the automotive industry, utilizing social media and blogging experience to help dealers connect with clients and sell more cars.

Jordan Burris

Jordan Burris

Jordan Burris graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.B.A. in Marketing. She brings excellent experience in client-facing customer service. Her attention to detail is immaculate, and she always goes the extra mile for her dealer.

Lauren Walls

Lauren Walls Headshot

Lauren Walls

Lauren Walls has an extensive history of experience in affiliate marketing and Facebook advertising. She specializes in boutique marketing businesses, curating turnkey advertising strategies for dealerships.

Lia Camp

Lia Camp

Lia Camp graduated from Texas Christina University with a B.A.S. in Communication. She brings years of marketing experience to help dealers curate an effective approach to their advertising campaigns.

Samantha LaRusso

Sam LaRusso Headshot

Samantha LaRusso

Samantha LaRusso brings extensive knowledge of social media marketing and creative design to the table. She succeeds in developing analytical approaches to guide dealers through successful advertising campaigns.

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We’re the perfect mixture of car and tech experts, all working together to provide the best digital marketing products. Our customized tech helps all dealerships improve their return on advertising spend. Finally, we deliver the results. We offer the lowest cost per VDP while driving the highest quality of website traffic. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get started with VIN Logic. automotive marketing