4 Ways Dealer OMG Transforms your Advertising

by | Jan 6, 2022

Many digital ad agencies these days will try to pitch you a tried script about what sets them apart from other automotive advertisers. At Dealer OMG, we don’t need to pitch you because we know the proof is in the performance.  So, we’re sharing our advertising performance with the public. Now anyone can see for themselves just how we get the best value out of advertising dollars. 

Custom Creative
Truly customized creative is hard to come by. Most ad agencies will use cookie-cutter graphics combined with bland carousel ads that the average social media user would lazily scroll by in an instant.  Not with us- every single one of our dealerships receives personalized campaigns with completely distinctive e creative we design for them to pass on their unique messaging. We refresh our creative monthly to stay up to date with dealer promotions. Our custom creative includes anything from graphics and videos to frames, messages, and more! We tailor our work to the  dealers’ needs. We know that custom creative outperforms generic ads every time, which is why it’s more important now than ever to make sure that the team working for you is willing to go the extra mile to tailor creative to your advertising.

Specialized Strategies
We believe that no dealership strategy should be alike, because every dealership is different! When recommending a strategy we consider important details such as market share, audience insights, location, sale goals, inventory, and more. We work with you, the dealer, to make sure your campaigns are doing exactly what you intend for them to do. We increase sales, bring in inventory through trade-ins, raise customer retention in service centers, and more. Any goal you have in mind for your dealership, we have the solutions and experience to make it happen.

Quality of Traffic
Our traffic has the #1 rate of return compared to any other paid advertising model. Seriously. Consumers are 4x more likely to go back to shop on your dealer site than through any other medium, and we all know how important it is in the car-buying process to visit a dealer’s site multiple times. The reason our traffic does so well is due to our advanced audience targeting that we specialize for each dealership. We have different audience strategies depending on various stipulations such as campaign type, location, and objective. No one audience is the same for every dealership, and we make the most of our data to get your dealership the most traffic possible.

At this point, you’re probably sold on our offering and are now wondering what the price tag is. Our price: the lowest per VDP in the market. Right now, the average dealership pays an overwhelming $4.50 per VDP view. Through careful targeting and budget optimization, our average cost per VDP view is only $1.50. Imagine the traffic you are missing out on by paying more for less. That can all be changed today by making the switch to Dealer OMG.

We are proud to offer the top quality services to all of our clients. What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo with us today to further see how we can boost your dealership’s trajectory and have a lasting partnership with your trusted advertising partner, Dealer OMG.