Social Videos are the new TV Commericals

by | Jun 24, 2021

How many millennials do you know still have cable? The moving trend in the younger generations is away from traditional media such as television, and instead more towards streaming and social media. That means if you’re not promoting videos on social media, you’re missing out on an entire generation of audiences! 

Not only would you be missing out on entire audiences of potential customers, but you would be limiting your influence. Studies show that media consumers spend over 15 hours a week watching content that would influence their decision to purchase a product or look at a site. If your content is not a part of the median 15 hours a week, you could be losing out on potential profit. Videos have a huge impact on a consumer’s decision-making skills in the product/service industry. A recent statistic shows that over 64% of customers have stated that they watched a video of the service/product they were viewing prior to making a purchase.* You definitely don’t want your dealership to be missing out on web traffic because of a lack of video content!

For all of the benefits that social media video content has, we know it can be difficult to create the actual content. With that knowledge, we’ve made it easy for our VIN Logic clients to create videos from scratch. In our packages, we provide a service called 3-2-1 Video, where our clients simply follow the video prompt in the app to record footage which is then directly uploaded to us for our highly skilled editing professionals to put their spin on the content and make the video enticing for potential customers. Don’t be left out of potential audiences or web traffic, get your video game on.

*Statistics from McCormick, K. (n.d.). 75 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for 2021. WordStream.