New Year, New Digital Strategies

by | Dec 15, 2021

We’re aligning our product to be more full funnel based than ever by using objectives like “Why Buy” “Ready to Buy” “Customers for Life ” andPromotions and Events”. Optimizing your ads to incorporate each of these campaign types has proven to drive down our dealer’s ad costs per converted customer. It’s not all about VDP views and lead volume. It’s about capitalizing on the data you’ve already accumulated, getting relevant messages to the right customers, and not letting any opportunity slip through the cracks. We strive to target quality customer engagements over quantity of one specific KPI, so the users that visit your site have high intent and the readiness to complete desired actions that lead to a purchase. Advertisers have become accustomed to running ads that are easy to scale and can zero in on one KPI, ignoring the customer’s relationship to your dealerships. Does it actually convert to sales? How much of that traffic actually returns to the site?

Warm up the relationship to prospective customers with a “Why Buy” campaign objective to generate brand awareness. Show potential customer’s what you’re about by showcasing a video of your dealership and what makes your dealership unique. Bringing people to the site in this way grows your audience pool and ushers consumers into the top of the marketing funnel.

Our ads are built out for optimal mobile performance and are structured around Facebook’s best practices. With 1.6x more conversions from Automotive Inventory Ads versus regular Facebook image ads, using this method can sell more cars with less effort! As part of the “Ready to Buy” campaign objective, these dynamic ads show vehicles that are relevant to what in-market shoppers are looking for or have already looked at, providing each user with a custom experience bringing them closer to the decision making process. This is part of our VinAMP solution. We amplify specific VINs our clients have expressed interest in moving off the lot and have implemented a more granular approach in order to deliver the desired results while excluding vehicles that do not fit that description. This enables us to provide dealers with a more streamlined approach when creating their ads.

Maintaining customer loyalty is a big piece of the puzzle to retaining your customer base and making users a “Customer for Life.” Match users in your CRM to the Facebook platform using personal identifying information and advertise to a specific customer base with exclusive offers. Get back in front of those cold leads, nourish that customer relationship that’s already been created, and showcase all that your dealership has to offer! Tell the community about special events and promotions centered around your products and services. Drive awareness to limited time opportunities while putting the customer’s experience first. 

Not only are we making waves on Facebook with these campaign changes, but we’re offering multi-platform capabilities! Streamline all your social platforms to work towards the same goal. Define your audience on each platform and determine where each user is in their buying journey and capitalize on that process. We are an omni-platform advertising agency and we ensure that each platform is optimized for users to complete the actions you care about. Having multiple agencies for each platform results in each agency building things out under their own processes and standards with little communication as to how these campaigns can work together as a whole. We ensure ads on all platforms complement each other and work together to complete similar objectives.

Dealer OMG’s VinAMP platform has made it easier for clients to share DMS access with our marketing team so that we can curate audiences in real-time that are tailored to your customers’ current relationship with your store while lowering overall advertising costs. A customer that just purchased a new vehicle from your store should not keep getting pounded with new car specials, but introduced to the fixed ops department. Integration with your dealership allows the advertiser to create dozens of prescriptive messages to specific customers. 

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