Holiday Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships

by | Nov 5, 2021

The holidays can be a hectic time for any business and we want to help you close out a strong year! It’s important now more than ever to stay relevant and easily accessible to your customer base. Here are some tips we’ve curated to help you stay ahead of the competition and reach your holiday marketing goals.

Holiday Strategy Refresh

The generic ad copy and creative simply won’t do! Give your ads that festive look this year and showcase some of your top models with some holiday incentives. Colorful holiday creative will be sure to catch some eyes and bring more people to the site. Along with creativity, let’s make sure to utilize the biggest gold mine at your dealership! Your CRM has collected market changing data all year long, have you started using it yet? Create your ideal audience before the holiday season so when the time comes all that’s needed is the flip of a switch!

Holiday Ad Spend

Holiday marketing is a big feat to conquer. Along with formulating a new marketing strategy you are also going to be competing for ad space. As we near Christmas, businesses will be running more ads than usual causing advertising prices to marginally rise. Don’t get left behind! We encourage our dealers to increase their holiday ad spend to keep up with the fluctuating cost of advertising. We’ve made it easier than ever to update your budget on a whim. Utilize our online budget change form to increase your holiday ad spend for the next few months!

Holiday Dealer Videos

Let people know what’s going on at your dealership this holiday season! Will Santa be making an appearance at your location? Are you running a holiday food drive? Organic dealer videos are great at harnessing engagement and getting people to the showroom. The key with making these types of videos is originality and personality. Send us your holiday dealership reels so we can showcase them in your ads!

A Holiday Head-to-Head

Is your current advertiser stepping up their game this holiday season? If not, it might be time to think about running a comparison. Get personalized dealership creative and a new strategy curated for your dealership. Run a head to head comparison to find out what agency will help you reach your holiday goals. Schedule a demo today!