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It’s no secret that the Marine industry as a whole hasn’t fully engaged in the wide world of social media marketing which makes this the perfect time to get started! 

Want to buy more used boats?

Grow your service department?

Hire more employees?

Whatever your needs are, Dealer OMG has a solution to get you there.

With our proprietary technology, expert staff and bespoke creative, We will partner with you to give your dealership the competitive edge with tailored solutions to meet all your goals.

The Dealer OMG Difference

Our diverse team of marketing pros pioneered data-driven targeting and full funnel strategies but we didn’t stop there. Using our proprietary technology, we are able to target users like never before. No more wasted ad dollars and vague Facebook audiences. In addition to industry leading technology, we made it our mission to find the best team of people to give each client personalized support. No cookie-cutter marketing here. Each ad is crafted for you and delivered to the right customers at the right time.

100% Custom Creative

Eye-catching video & ad content on all devices.
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We do everything when it comes to design. Custom video, custom graphics, and custom ad creative. We work with you to develop video scripts and push them through ads to drive higher conversions. 


High Intent Customers

Attract new customers to your site.
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Reach people who have never been to site by targeting online shopper activity leading to the highest-intent customers.

Conquest against your competitor’s with our geofencing to target customers within certain locations.

We combine our segmented partner data with specific targeting to reach customers when it matters most. But it doesn’t stop there – we work with data partners to collect consumer shopper data to find maritime-minded customers. This data allows us to curate the most accurate audiences.

Custom Reporting Platform

Accurate data, reported monthly.
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We ensure the most accurate data by installing a custom tracking pixel code on your site. This pixel allows us to track on-site conversions. We can even take your customer lists and run customer matchback reports to find who saw your ad online and bought from you in store.

We integrate with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other data monitoring platforms to ensure that we are getting the most accurate data.

We send out monthly reports to ensure that you are kept informed of everything going on with your ads.

Website Traffic

#1 Source of Returning Traffic
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Our client consistently see that we are the #1 source of returning traffic. We include retargeting in our packages, which means pushing those who have visited your site back onto it.

CRM Integrations

Existing customers into your CRM database.
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Integrate with any CRM platform to ensure that the leads you want are going where you need them to be.

Target the customers you want most – Past customers, lost and inbound leads, service customers, and email marketing lists. Have them automatically dropped into your CRM database.


Omni Channel Delivery

A cross-platform approach to targeting.
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Show your ads on all major platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • In-Stream Videos
  • and all Sites Within the Amazon Social Network

Our multi-platform approach ensures that we deliver ads to customers on the highest-conversion social media sites.



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