The Dealership’s Guide to Social Success

by | Jun 25, 2021

As social media continues to grow in influence beyond comprehension, it’s important to not be left behind and instead embrace the growth to make it useful for your dealership. What better way to connect to potential customers than to speak to them directly on their platforms?

Many dealerships fail to recognize the importance of having a successful social presence. The benefits include reaching wider audiences, portraying a positive image for your dealership, and being able to connect with your clients. These outcomes all have the opportunity to positively influence your profits. 

Now begs the question, how do you grow your social media presence to enjoy the benefits? Luckily, our team of social media experts who have spent years strategizing the best way to grow company pages have some tips and tricks that you can implement for free! dealership social media strategy

  • Post consistently.

One of the best ways to improve your social traffic is to make sure you post consistently. This improves the algorithm of the social platform you are posting to as it will recognize your page as a consistent poster, putting you in front of audiences more often than not. If you’re having trouble keeping up with posts or are too busy to post every day, it is helpful to incorporate a scheduling platform. These platforms will allow you to schedule posts in advance so you do not have to spend time every day posting. Consistency is key! dealership social media strategy

  • Make it easy for your audience to engage.

Engagement is a great tool to get feedback from your audience and potential customers. One of the easiest ways to allow your audience to engage is by asking a question! Try to make it car-related to be able to spark a conversation about your products/services with them. For example, having a poll where the question is ‘what is your favorite body style?’ can open up the conversation to promote specific models when customers answer.

  • Include employee recognition.

Being personable is important to customers in deciding where they feel comfortable shopping. You want to stand out from the competition who mainly focus their posts on sales. Include some employee spotlights or good deeds your dealership has been a part of! Above and beyond employee stories or highlights of charitable events your dealership has hosted will create an impact on potential customers reading the posts that will drive more traffic to your location.

  • Showcase your dealership as an expert in the industry.

Customers need to trust your dealership before committing to visiting or making a purchase. Establish that trust through experience and knowledge in the industry! By posting industry-related content such as articles, statistics, or insightful studies, your dealership can showcase its knowledge and stand out from the competition.

By implementing these essential tips, you’ll soon see your social media presence grow! Not only will that boost your relationship with clients, but it will help drive more traffic to your dealership for more opportunities to sell. Need someone to help make these improvements to your dealership social media strategy? Contact us today!