Dealership Complete Service Strategy Guide

How your dealership can utilize service to boost profits.

by Lauren Walls | August 30, 2021

During times when inventory is low it’s a great idea to shift some focus towards service campaigns. Let’s look at some ways you can optimize your campaigns for service and bring in repeat customers as well as new ones!

Introducing a service deal.

People are always looking for ways to save money when it comes to servicing their vehicles. Peak their interests with discounts, promo codes, bundles, or service events. Want a customer to take a certain action? Have them message your Facebook page to receive an exclusive coupon.

Utilize past service customer lists.

A great way to bring in repeat customers is to scrape your CRM of people that have had service in the past and have not been back in some time. Export these lists and send them over to your advertising agency. We can use these customer lists to get back in front of your previous customers.

Generate a look-a-like audience of your service customers.

You can use your customer database to generate yourself new clients! These audiences are a great way to find people that are similar to the people that have already visited your dealership. These types of audiences also yield great results and are a cost effective way to run prospecting campaigns.

Retarget service web traffic.

Narrow your retargeting to people that have visited your service and scheduling pages. Get back in front of people that thought about getting their car serviced and entice them to schedule an appointment. 

Generate a look-a-like of your service web traffic.

Find users that are similar to people that have already visited your service or scheduling pages. This will widen your audience and bring new prospective clients to the site. These audiences grow as more people visit the site and are able to learn more about which customers are more likely to take desired actions on your site.

Target car owners.

With third party data we are able to target people that own certain makes and models according to recent DMV records. Looking for more Toyota owners to bring their vehicles in for service? We have you covered no matter the brand.

The take-away.

There are many ways you can run a service campaign. Utilizing two or more of these strategies at once could yield great results while driving down your costs. Schedule a demo today and find out why VIN Logic is the #1 source of returning traffic to dealership sites!