Dealership’s Complete Service Strategy Guide

by | Mar 17, 2022

We’ve developed a full-funnel strategy guide for service specifically for dealers! Guide your customers through the service process and target people that are most likely to convert.

It starts with your current customers.

The customers who bought a car from you are the ones that are most likely to stop in for service or repairs. Use your CRM to generate a list of clients you sold a car to, but never came in to have that vehicle serviced. Reach them on their news feed with an exclusive offer and direct them to your scheduling page. It may also be beneficial to include customers who have not returned to have their vehicle service in some time.

Conquesting brand owners.

Target owners of specific brand models in your area. Dealer OMG offers up-to-date DMV records to target people who own vehicles related to your brand. Call out your audience, “Do you own a Ford? Come have it serviced! We have open slots available through our scheduler.” 

Repeat customers & retargeting.

Jump back in front of your audience. People may have clicked your ad and landed on the service page, but they did not set an appointment. Don’t let that client fall through the cracks. Bring them back to the site and offer them a deal they can’t refuse!

Show the customers what they want to see.

Offering discounts and exclusive offers will entice users to set an appointment especially if it’s a limited-time deal. It may also be beneficial to flash some 5-star reviews from some of your previous service appointments. Positive reviews go a long way and they are more likely to choose your location if they had a negative experience somewhere else in the past.

What can people expect from your service process?

Showcase how fast your turnaround time is within your service department. How is the customer service side of things? Do you offer payment plans or financing options for service and repairs? Let your audience know that they are being taken care of by experienced technicians and make their experience a positive one! 

Custom service creative.

We offer custom-branded service creative for every brand! Stand out amongst your competitors with something flashy and eye-catching. Captivate their attention and draw them in. We rotate