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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you distribute your ads?

We can distribute to social channels such as FB, IG, Snapchat and Google Display network as well as over 70,000 different mobile apps.

Do you have a dashboard to keep track?

Yes, we have a dashboard that houses high level attribution and is available to the dealer.

Do you retarget the buyer until they buy?

100% yes. And, we retarget with a purpose that meets the customer at whatever level they are on in their buying journey.

Can you target lost leads?

100% yes! We do this for many dealerships.

Can you target customers coming out of a lease?

Yes! We work with dealerships on a regular basis by sending us a recurring list of people coming out of their lease on a monthly basis. We can set up a specific campaign that aligns with their past vehicle purchase and shopping intent as well as retarget them with specific video and or ad creative that is relevant to the shopper.

Can you target direct mail recipients?

Send us the entire list of people you hit with direct mail and we will target each one with a specific video and or ad creative that matches the intent of the direct mail piece.

Can we choose who we target?

Absolutely! We have one of the most accurate shopper profile builder in the market with many filters in place to ensure we are targeting the right person, at the right time on the right vehicle. If you want to avoid advertising to anyone under 20, we can do that.

How often do you send out progress/attribution reports?

We send out monthly reports and if the dealer wants mid month, we can accommodate that as well.

What do you consider a successful campaign?

$1.50 average per BVDP view | Average of 75% return visitor metric | 20 to 40% sell rate | 60% new visitor average | 10 to 100 leads pending budget and market | Increased VDP traffic

How do you receive video files from dealers?

Many dealers send us their video files by email, if it is large they can send by dropbox.

Do you have a video app platform for dealers?

We currently are working on an app that will assist dealerships in creating videos as well as store those videos in the cloud.

How many videos can we do per month?

We typically recommend no more than 3 videos per month but work with dealers who send us 3 to 8 videos per month.

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