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Frequently Asked Questions

At VIN Logic, we offer the complete shopper targeting experience. Sound too good to be true? Below we address some common questions about how we consistently achieve the #1 source of returning traffic. You can also visit our About page for more FAQs.

When I sign up what is my commitment?

We prefer initially a 90 day commitment and month to month thereafter.

What kind of budget covers 100 vehicles?

We typically stay at a $35 per VIN budget

Do you have minimum package requirements?

We recommend packages based on many factors including amount of inventory the dealer has, what market they are in, how many competing dealers in the market. Minimum budget starts at $2,500/mo.

When we sign up do we have a dedicated performance manager?

100% yes! We send out a welcome email with next steps and an introduction to your dedicated performance manager(s) when you officially enroll. 

Why VIN Logic

People – Car guys and tech guys, working together to provide the best products.

Tech – Customized tech to improve dealership return from advertising. 

Results – Lower cost per VDP and the highest quality traffic deliver results. 

What are your services?

We are so glad you asked! Our services include:

  • Custom video and ad messaging
  • CRM data match-back reporting
  • Tailor-made VIN specific platform 
  • VDP cost analysis  

How do you reach the right customers?

We utilizing the following to ensure that we are targeting the highest-intent customers:

  •  Past vehicle purchases
  • Monitored online shopper activity
  • Purchase intent
  • Customer lists for retargeting and affinity identification