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Do you love Facebook & Instagram? Are you interested in transitioning your career into a fast-moving, tech-oriented, challenging environment? We are a digital marketing agency with a streamlined focus in Facebook & Instagram advertising. We are passionate about creating efficient systems that allow clients to experience high returns on their advertising investments.  

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We are hiring for a Social Media Marketing Strategist to join our growing team and help make an impact. 


The Social Media Marketing Strategist is a critical role in our agency – Acting as the engine of a car, where all the working parts come together. The Social Media Marketing Specialist works with the sales team and Director of Operations to develop optimal digital advertising strategies for each client and then enacts these systems on behalf of the client. We treat client businesses as if they were our own, consistently reevaluating, tweaking, and optimizing to get the best possible results for our clients, and the Social Media Marketing Strategist leads this charge.  

The right candidate is quick to learn and quick to problem solve. Ad operations can be a moving target, and our best candidate will be agile and flexible to roll with the changes. The candidate will be committed to building social media digital advertising campaigns that give results and developing reports that detail the success of those campaigns. We are looking for someone who is equally creative as he/she is technical. 


Build and Optimize Social Media Marketing


  • Perform any needed ongoing account housekeeping and management  
  • Input targeting and budget allocation, specialized per client 
  • Lead creative construction of client advertisements  
  • Gain client approval for all new social media marketing campaigns through Account Manager  
  • Optimize performance, adjusting campaigns and ads as needed  
  • Plan and document digital advertising campaign A/B tests  
  • Perform weekly dashboard updates and monitor month over month change  

Customer Service  

  • Maintain open communication with current clients, responding promptly to any inquiries  
  • Provide feedback on existing social media ad campaigns  
  • Maintain a professional and enthusiastic tone in all interactions  
  • Build/adjust reports based on live campaigns  
  • Check all reporting for accuracy  
  • Relay key performance indicators from digital advertising campaigns to account manager for client reports


Minimum 1 year experience with Digital Advertising (Preferably Facebook or Instagram). 

Required Skills 

  • Organized problem solver  
  • Excellent attention to detail  
  • Creative eye for design  
  • Creative copywriter  
  • Strong project management skills  
  • Systematic tracker of success 
  • Passion for digital advertising  

Bonus Points  

  • Dealership experience  
  • Facebook Blueprint coursework completed and/or Facebook Blueprint Certified
  • Working knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or InDesign
  • Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager certified 


Compensatory Benefits

In addition to your monthly salary, you'll also get: 

  • Up to $2,000+ raise every year of employment.  
  • 8% recurring commission on account upgrades/add ons (so long as client remains active). 
  • Quarterly bonus package. 
  • 3% match on 401k (Vanguard). 

Non-Compensatory Benefits

We also offer: 

  • Health insurance options.  
  • Unlimited paid time off. 
  • Bi-weekly remote Friday.  
  • Free assigned parking on premises. 
  • Fully stocked kitchen. 
  • Complimentary breakfast on non-remote Fridays. 
  • Complimentary Dealer OMG swag. 

How to Contact Us 

8830 Business Park Dr. Suite 100 Austin, TX 78759

Phone: (512) 436-9677 

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