Facebook’s Newest Ad Addition: Automotive Offer Ads

by | Aug 26, 2021

Introducing New AOA Ads

Facebook is constantly changing their advertising platform to give us more methods of marketing our inventory. It’s best to always stay on top of the game by learning the most about their new opportunities to advertise! Their newest addition has a main focus on vehicle incentives and offers, cleverly named Automotive Offer Ads.

How do Automotive Offer Ads (AOA) work?

AOA is a perfect addition to the advertising space when introducing vehicle-specific promotions. They work diligently alongside the Facebook Pixel to generate custom creative for the potential shopper. The pixel works with the ad to see exactly what type of preferences the shopper has, as to be able to show the exact vehicle they would be interested in. For example, the pixel takes under consideration past vehicles the shopper has looked at, and includes details such as body style, trim levels, and even colors to make sure they put specific vehicles in front of consumers that would gain their interest. 

Also, these ads allow for a new ‘Disclaimer’ option, where all of your offer terms and conditions can be tucked away in a small drop down underneath the ad itself. No more forcing long, lengthy text into your ad’s text that would normally drive potential consumers away.

Finally, these Automotive Offer Ads work alongside what is known as a vehicle offer catalog. In Facebook, you would upload your vehicle offers into the catalog template provided, in which your ad would then generate your offers automatically. No need to re-type your offer details or what cars are included in them.

When to Use Automotive Offer Ads (AOA)?

AOA is driven to give more results for your specific vehicle offers. Have an OEM promotion on new trim levels, or is your dealership giving out special incentives to get rid of past year vehicles on the lot? All of the information for your offers can be uploaded into the vehicle offers template, which can then be put into the AOA format to help you sell more vehicles!

Interested in learning more about AOA? Feel free to schedule a demo with us today to get started!