Jasmine Smedley

Technical Lead at Dealer OMG, Jasmine is a professional digital marketing specialist with a demonstrated history of excellence in Google Tag Manager setup and ad buying. Tailoring Google Tag manager setups for automotive marketing efficiency to allow full transparency and real metrics. One of Jasmine’s key points is expressing the need for dealers to take control of their digital assets and implementing an effort to make actionable items on dealers’ websites easily trackable and less cluttered. “There can be no strategy without trackable data.” Two major components of Google Suite is Google Tag Manager and GA4, which integrate with each other, so you can manage to track your website as well as monitor social media performance, install code, etc. She believes that something dealers should eliminate from their sites as standard practice is pop-ups and cluttered promotions. These marketing promotions don’t generate more leads when they become an annoyance and a hindrance to the user. “The future is clean: clean website, clean data, clean tracking.”

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